What Is The Other Side?

When you first give up drugs and alcohol, that’s not all you give up. You also give up the places where you would do those things, and the people you’d do them with. Otherwise, you’re at risk of relapsing anytime you go to that favorite pub or club or anytime you see that old drinking buddy—even if you fully intended just to go out and not drink or use any drugs.

That can be extremely hard. Often it means you can’t go out with your friends and have a good time with them, and then you feel excluded, left behind, or lonely. It can start to feel like sobriety means not being able to have a social life.

However, that’s not true—far from keeping you from having a social life, recovery helps you embrace healthy and productive lifestyles and relationships. The Other Side is here to remind you there’s always someplace where you can hang out and socialize without the presence of drugs or alcohol.

Events and Special Access

In addition to its role as a sober bar, The Other Side also functions as a space for regular programming, bigger social events, and anything that patrons might want to use it for. The Other Side regularly hosts recovery group meetings, educational seminars and other programs that serve the recovery community. These are often suggested and planned by volunteers and we allow anyone who wants the space to use it for that purpose.

Additionally, if you want a place where you can go meet up with your friends and watch the game or just to get away from home for a while, the other side is open nights on Thursdays through Sundays.

On top of that, we also host one larger event every month. We’ve laughed together at comedy shows, danced to DJ and had full bands.

Casual Fun in a Positive Environment

The Other Side is a sober bar located in Crystal Lake, Illinois. It’s a place to meet people and unwind, just as you would at a regular bar, but without the negative presence of addictive substances.

Whatever you miss about going out to bars, The Other Side offers a way to experience the same fun environment without the risks. If you like playing billiards, there are pool tables. If you like to go out and watch sporting events at sports bars, we’ve got the game on right here. If you like to dance, there’s music. If you just like to sip something while talking to people, you can order a non-alcoholic drink and go mingle.

The people here won’t interrogate you about your sobriety or why you’re sober or why you’re here—we just make the space available for you, and you’re free to visit and come hang out when you want.

So if you’re looking to relax and have a good time without having to worry about drugs or drinks, you have a place to go. Recovery isn’t the death of your social life—it’s the start of a new life, and The Other Side is here to be a part of it.