logo-trimmedNew Directions is focused on providing a network of services that address substance abuse in the community. Our focus is on three areas which are advocacy, treatment, and continued care. There are several services already established within New Directions geared towards making a positive impact in these areas. Daily operations of New Directions serve to strengthen and grow these established projects, while working to procure and create future endeavors. We serve our community, donors, and volunteers by ensuring their contribution has a tangible positive effect on the substance abuse epidemic as it affects youth, adults, and families throughout the community. Staying active within the recovery community and aware of its emerging needs allows us to best address those needs as they arise.

Our organization sets up various projects that are tailored to help with a specific problem facing the community. Our goals include creating innovative ways to bring awareness, prevention, education and treatment for substance abuse to the community. We strive to provide resources to the community that are accessible, achievable, and effective, which will be followed up with a continued support program that improves the quality of life for individuals and families affected by substance abuse.