What Is Connect To Recovery and A Way Out Program?

Recovery is more than just sobriety. It’s a lifestyle and a community. One of the most crucial factors in whether you’ll successfully commit to recovery is how well you connect and integrate with the recovery community. It’s important to build a support system out of positive new relationships that help you feel motivated, accountable, and not alone.

Unfortunately, all too often the person who needs this support the most is the one who doesn’t seek it. Addiction is isolating. Feelings of fear, shame, and hopelessness keep people from reaching out, especially when they don’t feel understood by the people around them.


People entering or struggling with recovery could use help from someone who’s been through what they’re going through—someone to listen, offer advice and assistance, and introduce them into a supportive community. That’s exactly what Connect to Recovery is here for.

Community Support Is a Phone Call Away Call McHenry County A Way Out Program at 815-347-0385 to connect with someone who’s been there and that can help. This hotline is staffed 7 days a week from 8AM to 11PM.


Connect to Recovery and A Way Out Program are a community resource hotline for those affected by substance-use disorders. An individual looking to stop using drugs and alcohol can call to receive the assistance they need to “connect” to the various recovery processes. These include but are not limited to: medical facilities for detoxification, in-patient drug rehabilitation programs and treatment centers, out-patient treatment, sober-living, 12-step recovery meetings, therapy, physicians and psychiatrists, clinics, court dates and probation appointments. All of our services are provided by people who are in recovery themselves, giving relatability and an example of sustained recovery for those who use our service. Peer recovery support services are at the heart of all of our programing.

Weekly Family Support Group Meetings at The Other Side facility in Crystal Lake are also a service of Connect-to-recovery, and free to the community. Right no these groups meet each Wednesday at 7:00PM at 135 Beardsley St in Crystal Lake.

For more information please visit A Way Out McHenry County

So if you or someone you know is in recovery, is looking for a constructive place to work on it and can fulfill our basic requirements then maybe it’s time the New Directions Sober Living in Crystal Lake, IL became the place you call “home”.